Neslihan surprised viewers and hosts alike by writing a love song based on a single word.

Neslihan, who became popular through the Internet with her hit song, “Hiç Sevmedim,” has earned the appreciation of music lovers with her brand-new album, Masal Gibi. However, there is another reason why Neslihan will be a topic of intense conversation: Based on a single word provided to her by an audience member, she can write and perform a song off the top of her head, much to the surprise of both the audience and the program hosts.

This amazing ability came to light on a TV program on which Neslihan appeared to promote her album. Ceren Bektaş, a host on Bugün TV’s Bugün Hafta Sonu program, put her to the test. A wide-eyed Bektaş listened to the resulting song, which seemed as though it had been composed far in advance.

For a few minutes, the studio audience had an enjoyable time because viewers who had just tuned into the channel figured that the song they were hearing was actually part of the album. Neslihan said, “We do this as a team the way we play the Name and City game. For me, it’s really fun and it’s not hard at all. My songs are shaped on the fly here, too.”

The love-filled true stories in Neslihan’s songs are another feature that has captivated audiences. Neslihan has already risen to the tops of the charts on the radio, and hundreds of thousands of people have watched her music videos. Her fans, who like Neslihan for her love songs, have dubbed the artist “the woman who writes love songs with one word!”


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