It is common knowledge that in recent years, university students have become the most influential audience for the music industry. That is why music companies are currently making an effort to work with artists who are popular with this demographic.

Having quickly risen to fame in recent months, Neslihan is the latest example of such an artist. Soon after university students discovered her through “Hiç Sevmedim,” a song she had posted online, this young and beautiful artist came out with many more songs. She wrote and composed all of them herself, and each one has garnered her millions of clicks online. In that sense, she said that she has gained confidence in herself because her other songs prove that she is not just a one-hit wonder on the Internet.

In particular, the singer has emphasized that she is proud of her live guitar performances. Along with her outgoing and mischievous demeanor, her voice and style have earned applause from authorities in the music industry. The press has called Neslihan Turkey’s Céline Dion, a comparison that Neslihan regards with pride. Two of her most highly acclaimed songs are “Pollyanna” and “Adı Oldu Yalnızlık,” which she always performs during her concerts or TV appearances see this here.

The singer is also known for spontaneously writing songs based on a single word provided by a member of the audience during live performances. She is expected to host a TV show soon.


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