Neslihan first came to fame by means of the Internet, causing an online sensation with the release of two demo songs, “Hiç Sevmedim” and “Sen.” In 2006, she released her first album, Karalarda Beyazlar.

Neslihan composed all of the lyrics and music in her album, which was arranged by famous musician Mehmethan Dişbudak. The album proved to be very popular with her fans, and she was nominated as the best breakout female artist in the Kral TV Music Awards. She topped off these achievements with three music videos, followed by the release of another single, “Tövbeler,” which was also produced by Mehmethan Dişbudak. That single solidified Neslihan’s career in music.

Now the young singer announced her return to the music world with the release her latest album, Masal Gibi, which will be available in music stores in the coming days. Neslihan composed the lyrics and the music for the album’s 11 songs, which were arranged once again by Mehmethan Dişbudak. One of the songs, “O Bilmiyor,” will be made into a music video directed by the talented Özkan Aksular.

Neslihan in Her Own Words

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the bearers of sadness, agitation, urgency, and most of all, hope.

I started my yesterdays on September 26, 1983, when I was born in Malatya, Turkey. I spent my childhood days there until second grade. Then we moved to the city of Mersin on account of my father’s job, bringing to mind the expression that it is frequent travel, not extensive reading, that makes one knowledgeable. For ten years we lived in that Mediterranean region, which witnessed both my middle school days of writing stories, prose, and the papers onto which I poured the feelings that I didn’t even know the names for, as well as my high school days of beginning to write musical compositions.

Nowadays, before my eyes, a little girl whose soul was overflowing with hope and excitement has started to become more tranquil.

When I talk about my tranquility, it’s not like I believe that everything used to be beautiful but isn’t anymore. Today, everything is actually closer to being beautiful. I’m thinking much more now, and I’m still excited and always hopeful. Hope is the air I breathe.

From my yesterdays to my todays, I’ve been in Istanbul for 13 years. I spent my last year of high school here, and I believe that I began to write my life’s most important headlines in this city. After I started college, at the most notable stopping points in my life, there were times that seemed so torturous that I couldn’t even breathe properly. However, one thing silenced the silent rebellions inside of me. The first name of that driving force was Humanity, and its last name was Self-Sacrifice. I wish everyone could experience that sort of feeling. I’m still watching it unfold without quite understanding what’s happening, and I get a little emotional. At nighttime, I light up the darkness with a candle and get out my guitar. Since my goal is to help humanity, I don’t have to live the songs I write; I just have to be able to sympathize.

Today, I believe that the best work I can do is to write lyrics, compose songs, and express them artistically.

I’m trying to use this talent in the best possible way. If the work is done for people, and if people always need more time, and if the goal is broadly defined, then I think I’m at the beginning of a very long road.

I can see that there is a lot of work to be done and many challenges to be faced propranolol online uk.


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