After Neslihan Zafer’s songs were downloaded more than 150,000 times on the Internet, she attracted the attention of different music companies. In this article, she explains the story behind the verse, “I’ll read a prayer for you,” in her new album.

Neslihan recently released her second album, Pollyanna, after her hit single, “Hiç Sevmedim,” quickly rose to the top of the charts. The young guitarist once again made her mark by writing her own lyrics and composing her own music in the album.

Music lovers met Neslihan in 2005 through her demo songs, “Hiç Sevmedim” and “Sen.” Neslihan garnered the music industry’s attention after her songs were downloaded more than 150,000 times online.

Produced by Su Music, her latest album, Pollyanna, demonstrates that she has lasting influence in the music world. The album has already sold 5,000 copies, even though her music videos are not yet playing on TV music channels. Her primary audience is university students, who have helped her become an Internet celebrity.

Dubbed “the bard of the people” by fellow musician Özdemir Erdoğan, Neslihan has composed all of the lyrics and music in her albums. The singer said that because she feels most inspired at nighttime, she tries to mimic that atmosphere in her studio by turning off the lights and working by candlelight. She added that director Erhan Doğancıoğlu was hard-pressed to work in those conditions. Neslihan explained, “As they listen to the songs, I want everyone to get lost in their own world.”


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