Neslihan, who rocked the Internet with her songs “Sen” and “Hiç Sevmedim,” released her first album, Karalarda Beyazlar, on April 1. She said that her work should not be considered just a summer album; rather, it would be understood better over time. Famous composer Atilla Özdemiroğlu said of Neslihan, “You are a great poet who gives voice to people’s troubles.”

How did you get started in music?

I was born in 1983 in Malatya, Turkey. I’ve been singing songs since I was a kid. In high school, my friends said that my voice was beautiful. I had a particularly close friend, and I bought a second-hand guitar from her by selling the exam prep books that my father had given me. During my last year of high school, we moved to Istanbul because of my father’s job. As I prepared for college, I wrote my first composition, which, incidentally, isn’t in my new album.

What was the process that leads to you making the album?

The year I arrived in Istanbul, there was a day when Melih Arat, a so-called “extraordinary life skills expert,” came to our school to give a lecture. I met with him, and he was the first person to encourage me. Then, two years ago, he introduced me to composer Atilla Özdemiroğlu, who thought I was good enough to be a musician. “You don’t need either singing lessons or guitar lessons,” he told me. “There are songwriters, there are singers, and then there are poets who give voice to people’s troubles. I think you fall into the last category.” After that meeting, I realized I definitely had to make an album.

And after that?

When I decided to make an album, I began meeting with music companies, but I did not get a satisfactory answer from any of them. In the meantime, I composed many songs. Then, with the help of my father, I visited a studio to record the songs so that I wouldn’t forget them. One day, my father’s good friend came to the studio. He owned a website, www.vazgectimsenden.com, which had 100,000 members. We uploaded two of my songs on the website, “Hiç Sevmedim” and “Sen.” Later, we took a look and saw that the two songs had taken off.

How did you come to an agreement with Arma Müzik?

At that time, Semih Özaytek saw that my songs had been downloaded many times. He posted his company’s address and phone number, but since posting addresses wasn’t allowed on the website, his message was deleted within ten minutes. But coincidentally, I saw his contact information in that short time, and I wrote it down propranolol generic online. Later, my father and I visited Semih. After meeting with him a few more times, we decided to release the album with Arma Müzik.

What do you call the album’s style?

We can call it unique pop. We thought about it for a long, long time, and we decided that it’s a new style.

In the album, you also use instruments like the ney (reed flute), bağlama (special stringed instrument), and kanun (zither).

I wanted to appeal to everyone of all ages, from 7 to 77. That’s why the album offers a little taste of everything. For example, 13 to 20-year-olds generally like the songs with more guitar, and those who are middle-aged or older like the songs with more kanun and bağlama. But one song that everyone likes is “Hiç Sevmedim.”

What is your overall goal?

I’m a person who likes to think. In high school, I used to come home, go to my room, and start musing about things. I’d ask myself, “What are we doing? Where are we going? What would I say to the world?” I’ve always wanted to do something everlasting. I thought that music would be a very different calling. I think I have some musical talent. I have composed nearly 60 songs so far. The audience that gathered around me was always because of music. I want to make music throughout my life.

Have you started doing concerts?

I released an album in April, but because it’s not a typical summer album, I’m waiting for winter now. I’ll start doing concerts in October or November.


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